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Surround yourself with the fitness and health specialists who can facilitate your journey in reaching lifestyle and performance goals. Become a member of our fitness community and engage in a culture of encouraging, knowledgeable and judgment-free support.

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Maury Wiegand
Fitness Center Director, Trainer
Bridger Orthopedic West

Our Trainers


TRX TRAINING - Join Lana on T/Th at 5:30am, 9:00am, or noon. $120 for 4 weeks - 2 sessions per week. Group Suspension training at it’s best.

FIT FIX FRIDAY - Join Angie at 9:00am Friday for your weekly fix of cardio, core, plyo, strength and fun! 10 session punch card $80 or $10 drop-in.

BACKCOUNTRY BOOTCAMP - M/W/F 5:45-6:45am up and early with Dustin for a tough workout. $10 per class or 10 classes for $90.

S.E.T. - Strength endurance training every T/TH at 6:30am. Get up early ladies - Laini will start your day off with a blast. $140 for 4 weeks.

EXTREME TEAM - Join the sisterhood in getting strong in the weight room with Maury. Every M/W at 8:30am. $100 for 6 weeks.

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Arin St. Cyr
Massage Therapist
Bridger Orthopedic West

Our new Bridger Orthopedic WEST facility is thrilled to host the Massage Therapy services fo Arin St. Cyr. Many of you know Arin as one of the best Massage Therapists in town. Did you know she is also an educated and highly qualified Athletic Trainer? She is currently being trained to be a Muscle Activation Practitioner and is accepting new clients in that area. If you don’t know what a M.A.T. Practitioner is, please talk to Arin and find out. The technique has helped many of her clients activate weak muscles and alleviate pain. Please contact Arin at 586-5694.

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We have a limited number of Executive Memberships available providing 24-hour access to our fitness center, in a secure and nurturing environment. To make our memberships as accessible as possible we provide the following dues format:

  • No joining fee
  • No Contract
  • Dues: $49 / month single $80 / month couple
  • 30 days notice to cancel your membership
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